The Swiss Style

Basically, my work is mostly influenced by "Interna tional Style", known as "The Swiss Style". The Swiss Style was a major force in graphic design and it still holds much power today, especially in the area of corporate identity. My most influential designer in this style is Josef Muller-Brockmann, a Swiss designer. Most of his work is the typical Swiss approach featuring minimalist design totally free of ornamentation, a strong grid structure, and use of sans serif type.

Design Process

The very basic process of design, like many processes, is to solve a problem and then create a solution. Jason Fried recently tweeted, “Your first design may be the best, but you won’t know until you can’t find a better one.” Included me, Designers work hard to develop a successful design and it doesn’t always come easy. I always need the details of the final piece before starting any design work. Most of them start with pencil sketch, making a mocks up in order to develop my initial idea. Even though I was stepping this process, I experience with facing some problems, changes that I need to do in processing.


Hayao Miyazaki is one of the most influential filmmakers to his fellow filmmakers around the world. My storytelling method of non-linear Narrative is inspired by warm humanism, respect for nature and subtle storytelling of Miyazaki's film. My movie presents the fragments of a picture introduced in asymme trical order with a blue calligraphical line in order to create a wintery seasonal theme.

My Self

"My name is Kyung Lee and I am a graphic and web designer. I always pursue to create ideal design for every purpose and media. I am always working to collaborate for developing my skills and ideas.I am enjoying with my work and communicating client and people who is interested to my creativitiy."

Bachelor of Fine Arts Metropolitan State University of Denver, U.S.A.(Graduating May 2013)
Concentration in Communication Design
Nationally Accredited Design School

Bachelor of Natural Science
Inha University in South Korea
Major in Biology

NationAwards / Recognition
Nagel Award for Spring 2013 BFA Thesis Portfolio and Exhibition
Designing Hybrid Typeface

Accepted to ADCD Student Show 2012 Hahm Logo design
Showcase of Art Department, MSU of Denver Spring 2011 Logo design

Technical Skills
Illustrator / InDesign / Dreamweaver (HTML, CSS, Javascript) / Photoshop / Flash ((Knowledge of Actionscript) / After Effect / CorelDRAW